Student Wellbeing

Student Voice

Student Voice Student voice is highly valued at Ingle Farm East Primary School. We have two student voice groups that actively inform and influence the direction of the school and the teaching and learning.

The Student Representative Council (SRC).

The SRC’s responsibilities are to manage school events, fundraising, the yard (litter), lead class meetings and make suggestions for school improvements (e.g. rules, yard, resources, etc).

The Student Learning Community (SLC)

The SLC’s responsibility is teaching and learning. They collect student perception data about learning, analyse data, plan and deliver lessons to classes with strategies for students to use to improve their learning and to monitor how students are using strategies.

Why do we have a Student Learning Community?

An SLC develops students’ understanding of learning and expands their strategies for thinking, learning and working collaboratively.

(TfEL – 3.1 Teach students how to learn) Students can create a culture where everyone inspires and encourages each other’s learning.

(TfEL – 2.2 Build a community of learners)