Aboriginal Education

Ingle Farm East Primary School has a strong commitment to Aboriginal Education.
We employ an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET) and Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) to work together to provide additional support for our Nunga Students.

Staff are supported to recognise, understand and cater for the needs of our Nunga Students and teach Aboriginal studies across the school.


Aboriginal Strategy

Ingle Farm East Aboriginal Strategy 2019-2022

DECD Aboriginal Strategy 2019-2029

This Aboriginal Strategy 2019-2029 is designed to improve educational experiences and outcomes for South Australia's Aboriginal students in seven key priority areas

. Readiness for school

. Engagement and connections

. Attendance

. Literacy and Numeracy

. Leadership, quality teaching and workforce development

. Pathways to real post-school options

. Aboriginal employment


aboriginal flag


Matt Kerslake

Senior Leader

Lochie  Buckskin

Aboriginal Community Education Officer